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February 15, 2011 / innovationinitiator

Where do I start?

In my first post I tried to tickle your curiosity about being an entrepreneur. While I’m sure most of you will not disagree about our inherent desire to be independent, the challenge we are often stuck with is “Where do I start?”.

Unfortunately I don’t have an easy answer for that.

The birth of an entrepreneur happens at critical points in our lives which I choose to call the trigger point“*.

A Trigger Point is a specific event in our lives where the existing state is not enough. The sheer boredom of continuing life as it is triggers us into action and most often leads to disastrous results! Common examples of triggers and its impact?

  • Had a rough day at work & hit send on that bitchy email to your colleagues/boss?
  • A salesman ignores you and you buy the most expensive product out there just to make a point?
  • On a drinking binge because your significant other didn’t agree with you?
  • Divorced because the girl next door seemed more interesting than your wife of 10 years?

Any of these events can be considered a trigger point.

While we can’t all wait for an eternity to discover what our trigger points are I’m going to give you a leg up and ask you to look for the following.

  • The Idea Event – Most of us have solutions for most of the worlds problems. On any given day we can provide a solution to every single problem that has plagued humans since the dawn of civilization. In fact, this skill, almost doubles over a few drinks and a few friends. But, underneath all that noise and brilliance, we know that there is one specific problem, that you have observed, for which you have a very unique and elegant solution. This problem is very real and cracking it lies within you sphere of control/influence. And the brilliant solution that you have thought off, can actually work. You know that, in your gut!
  • The Economic Event – Your dreams and aspirations are bigger than what your current career choice provides. You need the Porsche, access to exclusive clubs & the platinum lifestyle. And you know you’ll be 60 before you get there in your current job/career. An economic event can also be triggered through a sudden change in the job market or economy which has the risk of threatening the current status too.
  • The Intellectual Event – This is a bit more complex and rare. In this world filled with “Me too” products, services and opportunities, some people thirst to be seen as thought leaders.  This individual (I don’t claim to be one) is driven by the need to share their differentiated world view with others and this thought leadership manifests itself in the form of a new business/product/service opportunity.
  • The Serendipity Event – You are at the right place, at the right time. An opportunity has appeared that is too good to be true. You also seem to be sufficiently skilled to take this on. This one is rare but is trigger for some of the biggest entrepreneurs of our time.

In the next post I’ll talk about the steps that we need to take to leverage each of these triggers and possibly taking the first few steps towards freedom.

As usual, comments will help me become smarter.

(* As a former consultant I have an inherent need to coin my own words to describe a common event. The intent is to show my intellectual arrogance and also later trademark these words and make money off law suits. 🙂 )


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