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March 24, 2011 / innovationinitiator

Opportunity knocks…

and only once.

Quite often we are at the right place at the right time and we come across an opportunity thats too good to miss.

And yet, the fear of the unknown holds us back.

The Serendipity Event is just that. A happy accident that a entrepreneur picks up and creates a business out of.

When CK Ranganathan noticed a rickshaw driver buying one cigarette at a time, while he did consume a packs worth at the end of the day, he didn’t see a product pricing issue or a customer cash flow issue, he saw an opportunity to sell the same product capturing market share in smaller packaging. He seized that opportunity and created Cavin Kare, a Rs. 1500 crore FMCG group that leads the market in sachet shampoos.

I’m sure serendipity strikes all of us.

Let me give you a example – Over last weekend, as we were struggling with water problems at our home, I was desperately searching for a consultant or service who could come over, diagnose our problems (maybe for a small fee) and tell us what are the components we should buy and install to solve it. Believe it or not, besides your neighborhood plumber, there is no competent authority who can give a home owner long term advice that is based on specific technical knowledge. Sure, the big apartments have their captive support staff, the large construction companies have their engineers, what about the 15 lacs independent home owners in Bangalore who rely on the semi technical skills of a “learn by experimenting” engineer.

There, thats a business opportunity!

Want to know more about people who turned serendipity into business opportunities? Here you go –

1. Want a place where you can search for a job, any kind of job, even in the semi skilled areas? – Sanjeev

2. Wondering how to take time out from your tight work schedule to pay your bills, do your shopping, get your car fixed? – Dipali Sikand Les Concierges

3. Don’t want to step out of your house and put up with traffic and still want to get that massage and pedicure? – Rubina GuleriaThe Bangalore Mobile Spa

4. Need cooks, maids, drivers or help staff to help you around your home and wish there was a website that connects you with them? – Sean

Think about whats common about all of these entrepreneurs? They have acted on and created a solution around a problem or opportunity that all of us have engaged with.

They got off their comfort zone and did something about it.

But ultimately its not only about the opportunity but your passion and insight that brings out a differentiated solution to the same opportunity that everyone else is also looking at.



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  1. Rubina / Mar 25 2011 9:11 pm

    ..thanks for the mention. guts to grab, conviction to hang in there, perseverance to ride the tide. you can only win.


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