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May 3, 2011 / innovationinitiator

The business of a brand

Getting started is easy. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. The neighborhood chai walah is also an entrepreneur (no offense Shekar).

While the idea that drives the opportunity is definitely key, what will live longer than the idea is the brand.

As an entrepreneur/intrepreneur the brand you create or build has to be bigger than the idea or opportunity.

In the past the idea defined the brand and organizations were built around the core value of the idea.

Let me give you a couple of examples –

Each of these brands personified the solution they wanted to provide or the idea from which they were born.

The problem starts when the world moves ahead and the ideal that you started with is no longer relevant. What do you do then? Do you go out and create a new brand?

The new economy see the brand as the idea. The idea you are proposing is relevant for a user today. How will your brand represent the same values when the need changes? What about when you current customer is no longer your current customer?

In the new economy the brand is the idea. The brand gives birth to multiple ideas that represent the core values of the entrepreneur.

The brand lives beyond a specific impact that the idea has.

“Thanks for that gyaan session but how does that apply to me?”  – you say.

Well, as an entrepreneur you are building a brand. That brand is not the idea you want to commercialize but YOU! Yes, you are the brand and as you get started you need to focus on the brand that you want to perpetuate. You as a brand can take the form of a catchy brand name for your company/product/service but it has to be you.

And what if you have the entrepreneurial itch but you are working in a company? Well, build a brand for yourself thats bigger than the designation that your company has given you.

Your designation is just a description of the role you perform. Your brand, on the other hand, is what you are known for. Its what you’re intuitively good at and will continue to be good at even if you’re not in a give role. Build on it and seek challenges that further build on it.

A project manager, a visual designer, a business analyst, a information architect are all designations that rely on structured opportunities and defined roles to succeed. That is not who you are but what you’re supposed to do at work.


Innovation Initiator


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