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May 8, 2011 / innovationinitiator

Chicken or an egg?

What came first? The idea or the need?

If an idea is filling a need (stated or unstated) doesn’t that mean that the seed for the idea already exists? All that did’t exist is the catalyst in the form of a person who connects the two together and comes up with a business proposition?

Think about it.

An idea that has failed to commercialize has failed because it didn’t find the right need. The dot com era was peppered with the souls of many such ideas. People put in billions of dollars to back and idea where the innovators hadn’t even spent the time articulating the need it was trying to solve.

A Need that has evolved can no longer be solved by the old idea. It requires a new one.

Novell Network


The audio cassette greatly increased the distr...

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Sony Betamax

Cassette Tapes

Six Sigma…This being a controversial one. Two of the main proponents of Six Sigma, Motorola and AT&T, have been barely hanging on at the edge of bankruptcy. But Six Sigma consultants are raking in the moolah selling people the “defect free” dream.

The “Idea-Need cycle” is a living cycle and cannibalistic in nature. Each idea feeds of a need and as the need gets fulfilled, has to give birth to a new idea.

If you are sitting on an idea, check its relevance. Was it the same one you came up with when Michael Jackson was still alive? Time to go back to the drawing board.



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