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December 11, 2012 / innovationinitiator

Engaging with fear

The Garden of Fear and Other Stories

The Garden of Fear and Other Stories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Feb this year I had a challenging task of laying off 300 team members and escort myself out of the office. It was the first time that I was part of a full shut down and had to manage the shutdown process too.

As you can imagine, it was tough all around and from being at the high point of my career and contemplating my next big move, I was left with no career, expectations and uncertainties of a 300 member family and a slowing macro economic environment.

Over the next 8 months we played around with multiple ideas, applied to over a 100 companies, reached out to friends and family for connections and support and eventually realized that there should be examples of exceptional people going through similar challenges and how they dealt with fear and uncertainty.

Vani Kola is all smiles at TiECon Photo (239)

Vani Kola is all smiles at TiECon Photo (239) (Photo credit: Silicon Valley Blog)

As we officially launch the Leadership Insight series, the one story that comes to mind is what Vani Kola shared about engaging with fear and uncertainty and how she used focus, passion and belief in self to get over it and build a $1.4 billion organization.

You will see these and many more stories of entrepreneurs & leaders at .

To watch Vani’s story, click here .

The Leadership Insights platform is a collection of stories of thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs; critical moments of their lives that changed the way they engaged with problems and opportunities. Our intent is to build this in a extensive collection of ‘Hero Stories’ from across India to inspire, trigger and catapult others into a growth trajectory.

Support us by viewing the videos and posting your comments and thoughts in the relevant sections.


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