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December 13, 2012 / innovationinitiator

Stopping to start again!


StopS (Photo credit: maplemusketeer)

For the longest time since I shut down my first venture, I was always wondered if we gave up too easily.

We were doing well, had clients in Singapore, Dubai and India and generating enough to get us by.
But, somewhere along with business, raising finance and conflict of interests with the co-founders, we just gave up and moved on.

Once we stopped it took me 15 years before starting again and launching my current venture. During those 15 intervening years, I kept questioning myself, my goals and the very first venture.

Bhupendra SharmaOne of the earliest person’s we recorded as part of Leadership Insights is Bhupendra Sharma. Bhupi and I had worked together on and off about 4 years ago before I took a break from the innovation space and moved over to a technology company.

When we finally met and sat down to record for the Leadership Insights series Bhupi talked about leaving something he took 20 years to create and starting afresh all over again..

Having co-founded and invested 20 years of his life to build one of the most successful consulting companies in India, Bhupi talked about realizing the emotional and intellectual disconnect with the company. While the money was good, it didn’t bring happiness. Happiness for Bhupi was about following his dream, being a pioneer, pegging his flag well ahead of the others and getting teams to form around it.


Dream (Photo credit: jbellut)

As I came back from the shoot, I kept playing Bhupi’s words back in my head. Was it possible that  me and my founders (all around great guys!) were just not seeing happiness in the same things? More than work was it an ideological disconnect?

Where are your disconnects? Will understanding that make it easier for you to deal with change?

Watch Bhupi’s insight into success & happiness here.

To watch other leadership stories visit Leadership Insights.


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