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January 7, 2013 / innovationinitiator

How large is your world?

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe..” Steve Jobs

Steve-Jobs1At 24 Steve Jobs had a vision. And the vision was not just a better computer or better user interface but a vision of making a dent in the universe.

I heard of this quote a few years ago and, like everyone else, was amazed at what that 24 year old had achieved by the time of his death last year.

There is a lot of difference between knowing a quote and believing in it.

As Rubina and I began our entrepreneurial journey, we knew that the Leadership Insights initiative has a lot of potential. Our goal is to build this to a platform where incredible people are sharing incredible insights and inspiring, motivating and triggering the rest of us into action.

Anand Sudarshan brought Steve Jobs quote to life for me during our recording of the Leadership Insights. As the CEO of Manipal Education, Anand conceived the idea of creating a platform to impact the higher education sector. While others had thought of a similar platform or tool, Anand’s vision differed in one small aspect. He thought of transformative scale. For Anand, the opportunity was the million strong kids with limited or no access to higher education. After 6 years and a quarter of a million students later, I believe Anand has been able to create the transformative impact that he was aiming for.

Our realization now is that we need to think transformative scale with the Leadership Insights Series! We have to make our own dent in the universe. We need to build a unique collection of deeply impactful stories, of everyday people.

We’ve started on our journey, what are you waiting for?

Watch Anand Sudarshan’s video here.

And from the Pirates of Silicon Valley


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