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In 1993 I set out to seek my fortune and make an impact in a nascent industry, at that time, called Computer Based Training (CBT). Those early days of trying to bootstrap a company out of thin air and lots and lots of passion has taught me all that I know about being a failed entrepreneur and a successful intrapreneur.

Many careers and many companies later, this blog is going to be my attempt at encouraging more innovators and entrepreneurs in India (are there any boundaries left) to go out and chase their dreams of being their own boss.

I will try and seed 1 idea per week for a new kind of a business that doesn’t require huge investments or infrastructure to get going. I will try and provide you a basic framework for getting the business going and any pitfalls that you might have to watch out for.

Finally, I am laying the seed to kick start a million entrepreneurs and I hope you will also contribute to the blog through your questions, feedback, suggestions and inputs where possible.

Before I forget, my name is Gerald Jaideep and I am an innovation initiator!



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  1. Sean Bernardino / Feb 27 2011 7:09 pm

    A subject I’m extremely passionate about. Will be watching this space very closely 😉

    • innovationinitiator / Feb 28 2011 8:27 am

      Thanks Sean. An update expected every Tuesday. Hope you’re subscribed.



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